Hi! My name is Aysha (pronounced Long A + SHA). I live in Austin, Texas. I’m from the Philippines. I’ve been married to my husband, a Croatian, for 16ish years. We have three kids. I’ve always wanted to blog about our travel experiences but never took the time to launch it. It only took a pandemic to get my creative vibes going.

Exploring has always been a pastime of ours. Even after our children were born, we continued with our travel adventures. Our travel experiences have only been more fruitful with them. Our kids are very comfortable traveling and meeting new friends from other countries. They would get so excited to meet kids from different cultures and tell us which languages they heard at the playground.

Travel is a great way to teach children the world and the different types of people. I’ve always been curious about what a mother’s life is like in another country. I try to understand what another mom’s perspective is like from their culture. This experience is discovering what activities and events are family-friendly. What is their day-to-day is like for them. My children are also discovering that what is normal for them in Texas maybe a little bit different from a child from another country.

I hope to share from our experiences how important it is to travel and explore. Discovering the neighborhood you live in helps you understand the beauty around you. Exploring another country or even another state can help us understand that what we share in common and what we differ in is important.

Thank you for reading!