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Našice, Croatia

My husband is Croatian, and we often visit Croatia during the Summer. Croatia is our home away from home and our base for traveling to other parts of Europe. My husband is from the town of Našice.  It takes us about 24 hours to travel from Austin to Našice.  It’s a long and arduous trip especially traveling with kids.  Once we arrive in Našice, we can relax. Našice is a small town and has a tight-knit community.  It’s a contrast to life in Austin.

My kids have a great bond with their Baka (grandma), Djeda (grandpa), and Teta (Aunt).  The girls loved to bake Croatian cookies with Baka.  They loved their adventures with Djeda to the main square. They would talk about what flavors of ice cream they had that day.  My son has only been to Croatia one Summer.  He took a while to get comfortable, but by the Summer’s end, he was asking Baka for Croatian cookies and playing with Djeda.  The girls loved to do girly things with their Teta and hiking in the trails behind the castle.  It’s wonderful that the kids have great memories of their Croatian family.

My husband’s extended family also lives in Nasice. The little kids are the same age as ours and are close friends. There is a little bit of a language barrier, but they find a way to communicate. In the afternoons, I sometimes meet up with the mom cousins with our children. I find it refreshing how similar our mom-life is. We have similar struggles and worries. What we differ is probably our cultural lifestyle. It has been great to have support there.

We often spend a couple of weeks to two months in Croatia. We spend some time in Našice, the coastal cities, and other parts of Europe. While we are in Našice, we try to find some time to catch up with our family and friends. I enjoyed meeting up with family and friends at the cafes.

Facts About Našice, Croatia

Croatia, also known as Hrvatska, is a country in Central and Southeast Europe on the Adriatic Sea. It borders, Slovenia, Hungary, and Serbia. It shares a maritime border with Italy. It’s very easy to travel to the other parts of Europe via car or plane. Most often we travel by car with the kids. Croatia is a popular destination for tourists because of the beautiful coastline and wondrous national parks. The country is divided into several regions.

Našice lies in the Eastern region of Croatia called Slavonia. Slavonia is very green and filled with farms and vineyards. Like most cities in Croatia, Našice is filled with historical sites. There’s a castle in Našice called Pejačević Castle which was once owned by the noble Pejačević family. The castle currently is a library and a museum.  The Saint Anthony of Padua Church is another historical site. It’s a beautiful church and lies by the end of the main square. It is a Franciscan Monastery that dates back to the fourteenth century.

The main square is in the middle of the city across from the castle. The main square has a fountain in the middle. There are cafes, bars, restaurants, retail stores, and businesses in the surrounding area of the square. The main square is usually lively especially if there’s a festival happening. In the afternoons, a lot of families go for a walk, kids play in the fountain area, and the park by the castle. Našice is a very family-oriented town.

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