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Zadar Croatia

Zadar is one of my favorite cities in Croatia. It is a big old city along the Adriatic Sea with beautiful beaches and sunsets. It’s a fun place to visit. My husband used to spend his Summers here when he was younger. He has fond memories of his childhood there. I hope our children will always remember these memories.

We also visit Zadar to catch up with my husband’s extended family. My husband’s cousin always comes to hang out with us and gives us a tour. We also visit my husband’s aunt and uncle. They have a grandson who is a couple of years older than our son. Hopefully, they will be close as they grow older. We always want to make sure our kids are connected with family wherever we go.

We’ve visited Zadar several times, and each time we always have a great experience. There are several things to do with kids. Here are our favorites.

5 Things to do in Zadar with Kids

1. Walking Around Old Town – Walking around the old town is the perfect way to soak in the surroundings of Zadar. The Land City Gate is a good place to start. It’s easy to walk around, and there’s plenty to see. There are many cafes, bars, and restaurants. My kids’ favorite thing to do is stop at an ice cream shop. Handmade ice cream is the best. The food on the coast is a little bit different from Slavonia. They have more seafood, salads, pizza, and also other Croatian cuisines.

2. The Roman Forum – My kids love to play at the Forum. They jump from the column and old stone ruins like it was a regular playground. What they don’t realize is that the Forum are ancient ruins of the Roman empire. The Church of St. Donatus and the Zadar Cathedral can also be found located in the Forum. Both have historical evidence of the past, and it’s worth a visit.

3. The Sea Organ – This was an enchanting experience for the kids. The sea organ creates the music by the sea waves running through the tubes underneath the sea. I once told the girls they were mermaids singing. We enjoyed the music by sitting on the large marble steps. There’s also a light show at night from the “Greeting to the Sun” light installation. This is fun entertainment for the kids.

4. Walking by the Pier – There are several artisan vendors along the pier. Great way to discover what local unique gifts to find. The kids also love to play in the large park. Sometimes, they have a mini carnival next to the park. The girls have enjoyed going on the kiddie roller coasters.

5. Borik Beach – We have enjoyed swimming in Borik Beach. It’s not too far from the city center. The water is clean and clear. There’s a sandy area. There are also amenities available for family. Borik Beach is part of the Falkensteiner Resort. It’s convenient to access if you stay in Falkensteiner.


One Summer, we stayed in Falkensteiner Resort at the Club Funimation. It’s an all-inclusive family resort. There are many activities for kids. There’s a kids club, an indoor play area, indoor and outdoor pools with slides. Our kids loved meeting kids from different countries. Most of the tourists that visit the coast of Croatia are from other countries. One time, my daughter said, “Mom, we met someone who spoke English.” I was excited to find out another American family was staying at the resort. They were Americans who lived in Italy. It’s great to meet families from all over the world.

Facts About Zadar, Croatia

Croatia, also known as Hrvatska, is a country in Central and Southeast Europe on the Adriatic Sea. The country borders, Slovenia, Hungary, and Serbia. It shares a maritime border with Italy. Several tourist visits from neighboring countries. It’s often very common to hear many languages spoken around.

Zadar is a historical town located in the center of the East Adriatic sea of Croatia. The city dates back to ancient Roman times. Evidence of the old days is largely displayed at the Forum. The city is the second-largest city of the region of Dalmatia and the fifth largest city in the country. Like many Croatian cities, Zadar has many historical landmarks that still stand today. In addition to the Forum, there’s the Church of St. Donatus, St. Anastasia’s Cathedral, St. Chrysogonus, St. Mary’s Church, and the Citadel.

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